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To meet their financial reporting obligations and to assist in strategic decision-making, firms prepare financial statements. However, “the information provided in the financial statements is not an end in itself as no meaningful conclusions can be drawn from these statements alone.” Firms employ financial analysts to read, compare and interpret the data as necessary for quantitative analysis and decision-making. Our 20 years experience will revolutionize business analysis as we employ financial modeling techniques to read numbers accurately, and most importantly we go beyond the figures, we test management philosophy and history of achievements to anticipate the future.

Business Planning:

As a startup or even running business, a business plan is the contract between owners and management. It is the only tool that translates a given entity methodology to run its business. Our business experts help businesses write a meaningful business plan, a story they can tell to the listening audience that attracts investors and encourage lenders, and most importantly set boundaries for performance expectations of stakeholders. We work from the top line “revenue” and how it is achieved, down to expense finding ways to minimize the impact of cyclical downturns and setting risk mitigation techniques and tactics.

Performance Management:

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How to have sound performance management culture?

Our CFO services experts are trained by HEC business school in Paris on how to manage and maintain high-performance culture within an organization. We help business management to develop strong and relevant performance indicators, set a clear, and easy monitoring system towards achieving those set objectives.

Risk Management:

Relation between profit and risk is positive relationship, meaning higher return means higher risk and vice versa. We help businesses maximize the return and mitigate the impact of higher risk, for instance in the case of concentration risk; we help businesses diversify their revenue streams among number of alternatives, rather than focusing on limited type of clients or sometimes single client.

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